26 NY Giants Gifts for Number One Fans

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Many consider themselves to be fans of the NY Giants. That’s not hard to see, considering that the NY Giants is the only remaining football team of the original five teams that joined the NFL in 1925.

Additionally, the NY Giants fanbase comprises plenty of people from the New York metropolitan area, and so the team draws different people from multiple states.

Whether you’re from New Jersey or New York State, any loyal fan of the NY Giants will come to appreciate these 26 amazing NY Giants gifts, which include general items, like bags and accessories, and items that are useful in tailgate parties.

12 NY Giants Gift Ideas

1. Duffel Bag

Whether they go on a far vacation outside the US or simply a staycation to relax, your recipient will always carry and proudly display their favorite NFL team.

This spacious duffel bag is perfect for fans who travel a lot, and also gym-goers who carry plenty of equipment around.

2. Tote Bag for Her

When your recipient needs to carry their essentials to watch the game live or to go to a friend’s house for a tailgate party, she must have this classic tote bag that is designed with the unmistakable logo of the NY Giants.

This 23L tote bag can fit plenty of things, like food for a potluck or a set of clothing when they’re staying at a friend’s overnight.

3. NY Giants Toothbrush

Here’s another item for those who love to travel a lot. Keep a fresh breath and your favorite NFL team close to you at all times during your long flights by having this compact NY Giants toothbrush.

Be wary of giving this to anyone other than those really close to you because it might give them the impression that they have a bad breath (which may or may not be true).

4. Women’s Organizer Wallet

You never know when you might need to run to the grocery quickly to buy some snacks or a six-pack of beer for the game.

Thankfully, the color and design of the NY Giants logo stand out, and so does this wallet, and so it makes it easy to grab head out in a hurry.

5. Timex with NY Giants Design

Stop missing important matches that determine the NY Giant’s placement in the bracket.

Your recipient will never have to miss a single match again when they’re constantly looking at the time and the NY Giants logo.

6. Silicone Earphones Casing

With our hectic lifestyles, we might not always find ourselves at home to watch each game of the NY Giants.

Thankfully, with these silicone casing, your recipients will always carry with them their earphones and are able to watch replays and highlights, say, while they’re on the bus on their way to school or work.

7. Wireless Charger and Desk Organizer

Always keep your devices charged to stay updated about any news and highlights regarding the NY Giants and their games.

This charger and desk organizer provides a quality of life improvement by eliminating tangled cables that clutter your desk.

8. Plush Unicorn Toy

Is Valentine’s day coming up and both you and your partner are huge NY Giants fans? Or maybe a special occasion calls for a thoughtful gift?

Don’t worry, your partner will know just how romantic you are (especially when you know they’re into plush toys) when you give them this cute, pink unicorn.

9. Short Sleeve Kids’ Bodysuit

There’s no such thing as too early when it comes to turning children into NY Giants fans. The passion for true fans of the sport runs in their blood, so if you’re attending a baby shower of a big NY Giants fan this is a great choice.

The size selection is decent, and you can purchase bodysuits for newborn babies as well as toddlers.

10. Blue Slide Slippers

There are times when you just want to stay at home comfortably instead of watching the game in the stadium. That’s okay! Even the most solid NY Giants fan can have those lazy days.

Let your recipient feel as comfortable as possible by wearing these blue slide slippers, while they grab some snacks and crack open a cold one.

11. Cotton Sweatbands

Do you know a NY Giants fan who’s trying out a new exercise routine? Then these sweatbands are perfect for them.

Your recipients will have an easy time sticking to their exercise habits whenever they see the NY Giants logo.

12. NY Giants Lanyard

Teens who love the NY Giants will be delighted to show off their favorite team at school with this classic blue lanyard.

This accessory is not limited to only teens, though, as working adults who enjoy watching NY Giants football matches can also exchange banter with their colleagues who belong to a rival team’s fanbase.

7 NY Giants Gifts for Tailgate Parties

13. Ultimate Apron for the Host

I present to you the ultimate apron for the perfect tailgate host. Your recipient will be in control of the entire grilling area (a.k.a. the backyard) and everyone who wants their beer opened will have to politely bow before them.

Besides granting your recipient such authority, the apron also has the convenience of holding and insulating a can of their favorite beverage.

14. Giants Cooler

Have you ever been delegated the responsibility of bringing drinks but by the time you got to the tailgate party the drinks weren’t as cold as you thought they would be?

Don’t worry, you’ll never make the same mistake again when you’ve got this giant (pun intended) cooler at your disposal.

15. Insulated Cooler Bag

If you’re looking to bring perishables other than cold drinks, and don’t need a big cooler such as the previous item, then this might be more appropriate for you.

This insulated bag is spacious enough to stack containers of food and utensils, and so it’s a great addition for tailgate party lovers and those who love to picnic in general.

16. Bottle Sleeve & Cooler

You realize that your beer has gone warm after you got too invested in the game.

Make your viewing experience more pleasurable by getting these bottle sleeves.

These bottle sleeves can hit two birds with one stone. Firstly, they keep your favorite beverage ice-cold, and secondly, you don’t have to deal with the condensation build-up on the bottle.

17. Bottle Opener Keychain

Where’s the grill master wearing the ultimate apron with the bottle opener when you need him?

Fear not, because you don’t need anyone to open your bottle for you when you’ve got a handy keychain with you at all times.

18. BBQ Tools Plus Salt & Pepper Shake Set

Welcome your guests to your grilling party and prove to them your loyal support towards your favorite with this grilling set and salt & pepper shaker set with a Giants-themed design.

19. Tailgate Canopy

You can never be too prepared when hosting your first tailgate party. Rain or shine, this canopy will ensure that your guests are provided with the best tailgate experience.

The product is also lightweight and designed for easy portability, so it’s very convenient to move around whether you’re setting up in your backyard or outside.

7 NY Giants Decoration

20. Score S’more Ornament

Here’s a nice Christmas tree ornament, which cleverly says “Score S’more Touchdowns” for the Giants and which reminds you to make this unofficial tailgate party dessert.

21. Garden Lantern

You need some source of light when you’re grilling meats out in your backyard during the evenings. What other way to show your unwavering support than by getting yourself this portable lantern?

A benefit of this lantern is that it’s powered by solar energy, so simply leave it to sunbathe all day before game day.

22. Giants Flag

It’s time to spruce up your front porch and let your neighbors, who are part of a rival fanbase, know that the NY Giants will make a comeback and take the win this year.

23. Wood Birdhouse

If you’d like to convert the local birds into NY Giants fans, then placing this birdhouse in your backyard is a great way to do it!

On a more serious note, casual birdwatchers who happen to be huge NY Giants fans would appreciate such a gift that’s a nice way to make their backyard neater.

24. NY Giants Stone

Get yourself some outdoor decoration that will impress your support and dedication towards your favorite NFL team.

There’s no doubt that any guest who recognizes the NY Giants red & white logo will instantly relate with the host.

25. Holiday Christmas Sign

Here’s a nice gag gift for the hopeful NY Giants fans who’d love to see their favorite team make it into the Super Bowl and make a monumental comeback.

This is a nice sign to put outside your partner’s man cave.

26. Replica Helmet

Take your guests to your man cave and collection room, where you, a true NY Giants fan, store some of the finest displays that demonstrate your passion for the sport and the team.

In there they’ll see this LEGO-inspired NY Giants helmet among your superb collection.

Gifts for Every NY Giants Fan

Whether they’re longtime supporters of the Giants or new to the sport, you’ll find plenty of appropriate NY Giants gifts within this list.

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