29 Gifts for the Balanced Libra Woman

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The Libra sign is represented by a pair of scales, and so Libra women value fairness, justice, and balance above anything else. They detest disorderly things and strive to create harmony in every aspect of their life.

Being ruled by the planet Venus, who was considered the Roman goddess of beauty and love, Libra also has a sophisticated taste for aesthetically pleasing and exquisite objects.

Gifts don’t need to be expensive to look beautiful, though, or to be appreciated by Libras, as most of these gifts will demonstrate.

Help your Libra woman find the ideal balance in their lifestyle through these 29 gifts, categorized according to birthday gifts, Libra jewelry gifts, and other gifts that provide the missing piece to preserve the harmony in their life.

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1. Wax Seal Stamp with Libra Symbol

Libras have a cultured taste for delicate arts or crafts.

Among things that elevate crafts to another level and importance are wax seals stamps, which were traditionally regarded in medieval times as a status symbol reserved for noble and prestigious professions.

Whether your Libra recipient wants to take her wedding invitations to another level, wants to add a memorable logo to their brand, or simply has a taste for the exquisite, this wax seal stamp with the Libra symbol is a great gift.

2. Libra Astrology Book

Book For Libra Woman

Get this Libra astrology book for those unconvinced about astrology and who would love to delve deeper and understand the nuances of their sign.

Even genuine astrology adherents will find some value in this book from Mari Silva.

After reading this book, Libras will have a deeper understanding of their personality strengths and weaknesses in different aspects, like their personal life, professional life, or social life.

3. Wooden Libra Bookmark with Tassel

Harmony is one of the most valued and sought-out principles by Libras.

Avid readers will take pleasure in receiving such a simple, wooden Libra bookmark, which creates an appropriate material balance with paper.

The wood (and the paper of the book) also represents nature finding its way into such exquisite crafts, reminding the recipient of the original organic material from which it came.

4. Bookmark Set for Libra Bookworms

Libra bookworms will be glad to receive a bookmark set for the different books they’re currently reading.

The golden aesthetic is perfect for the Libra’s finer tastes.

As with the volumes of novels and non-fiction they read, there will always be a feeling of excitement from using a bookmark from this set and picking up from the page or chapter where they last left off.

5. Plain Libra T-Shirt

Sometimes the Libra woman needs to take some time off from the fine and classy lifestyle and enjoy the simpler things in life.

This t-shirt provides a break from those elegant dinner parties and allows her to enjoy a carefree day.

6. Libra Kitchen Towel

Get this kitchen towel gag gift for the outspoken Libra comedian in your group of friends, whose comical deliveries always prove to be the most profane and sarcastic ones.

These towels are not only a great gift for Libra who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, but they’re also a funny and useful addition to your bathrooms.

7. Customizable Lighter with A Libra Design 

Check out this customizable lighter with golden scales of justice designed on the front.

Whether your recipient is a smoker who likes to light a cigarette up while she’s out with her friends, or is simply a lighter collector, this is a great option for the Libra with a sense of justice.

Write up to five lines on the back of the lighter to remind your Libra recipient about how much you mean to them. Any note you write will be laser engraved on the back.

8. Starbucks Gift Card

Help your Libra woman find the balance every morning with the drink of her choice by getting this Starbucks birthday gift card.

9. Gucci Bamboo Eau de Toilette

Here’s the gift for the woman who enjoys the finer things in life. Whether going to a casual night’s out or a fancy dinner party, this perfume won’t fail to freshen your Libra woman. The fragrance of this eau de toilette is sweet with hints of white floral, a exquisite scent that’s balanced by citrusy notes.

10. Black Libra Notebook

Whenever there are conflicts, Libras have a natural tendency to see each side of the argument, which makes them indecisive at times. However, that’s one of the admirable traits of a Libra because their sense of fairness is unmatched, weighing the right options.

Allow them to be firm in their decisions and to take down notes of the pros and cons of each side of any conflict with this black journal notebook. The black aesthetics exudes an elegance that I know Libras will adore.

11. Libra Birthday Gift Greeting Card

Birthday Card For Libra

Along with your other chosen gift for your Libra woman, you should hand them this Libra birthday gift greeting card to let them know your thoughts about them!

I’m sure anyone receiving this will appreciate the effort and thought put into the letter.

12. Painting Kit

Libras have a good eye for aesthetically pleasing designs and paintings.

Encourage them to paint their perception of elegance through this painting kit. The kit provides your recipient with 12 colors of acrylic paint, two paintbrushes, and a canvas.

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13. Handmade Stone Bracelet


Allow your Libra and their Libra partner to balance their surrounding energies with this leather bracelet band.

This handmade stone bracelet is also an excellent oil diffuser for different types of situations, like relieving your recipient of stress and boosting their mood, allowing them to get better sleep, or fending away those pesky mosquitoes during the summer.

14. Elegant Libra Scales Bracelet

Libra Scales Bracelet

Socialite and outgoing Libras need to have some variety when attending fancy dinner parties.

Add this elegant piece with a Libra scales design to their collection of bracelets so they don’t get tired of the same, old bracelet they’ve been using for years.

15. Gold Chain Ankle Bracelet

Libras have a taste for high art and graceful fashion designs. They appear poised even for the simplest occasions.

Like in every aspect of their life, a balance must also be achieved when dressing, paying attention to not dressing too casually or dressing too elaborately.

Strike a balance with this delicate gold ankle chain bracelet that will give your Libra recipient an elegant look.

16. Gold Medallion Necklace with Libra Scales and Symbol

Tip the balance in your recipient’s favor and complement her plain business shirt or denim button-down with this chunky pendant with a Libra design.

Be careful wearing this with a patterned or complicated-looking shirt, though, as your outfit will appear busy and might become overwhelming.

17. Simple Libra Necklace

Sometimes a minimalist design like this pendant with a Libra symbol goes a long way to upgrade and add the missing touch to your regular office attire.

This is also a great gift for fashionable teens who love to dress smartly.

18. Handmade Libra Rose Gold Necklace

Here’s another handmade rose gold necklace with a hand-stamped, unsophisticated Libra symbol.

The plain design of the pendant, however, doesn’t mean that it’s not gorgeous. Sometimes the unadulterated designs are those that give off the most confident look.

19. Gold Scales of Justice Pendant

Since gold gifts are traditionally given on a very special occasion, most often on 50th anniversaries, you should get this stunning gold scales pendant in celebration of your or your parents’ golden anniversary.

While Libras love striking a balance on their finances and being careful not to purchase expensive things, I also know they can’t resist the charm of this pendant.

Plus, a very special occasion, such as the 50th anniversary, warrants such an extravagant and luxurious gift.

20. Dangly Libra Earrings

Libra women who love going all out with their fashion statements and wearing bangles will enjoy these dangly Libra earrings.

These earrings are made of stainless steel so your Libra recipients don’t need to worry about irritating their beautiful soft skin.

21. Stud Libra Earrings

These thick Libra stud earrings look polished yet not too flashy to attract the attention of your co-workers, so it’s perfect even for everyday use.

At the same time, you also can’t go wrong with this pair of gold earrings when you’re having a girls’ night out.

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22. Organic Bath Bombs

Self-care is essential for maintaining the inner balance of a Libra woman.

Help her recover quickly when she’s feeling under the weather or when she’d like to recover quickly from her fitness routine through these organic bath bombs.

Each soap is designed for a specific purpose, whether it’s for a casual bath or when trying to provide relief for those muscle aches.

23. Libra Candle with Hydrangea Scent

That smelly kitchen or bathroom needs to be balanced out with some freshness from this hydrangea-scented candle.

The bathroom and the kitchen aren’t the only ones that can benefit from the subtle and floral fragrance of hydrangea, the candle can also serve to freshen up and lighten the atmosphere within your living room.

24. Mug Set for Libra

Finding the right type of coffee or tea for your Libra friend or partner can be a difficult task.

Go for a safer gift option in the form of a mug set for Libras, which comes with a long golden teaspoon, a golden tea infuser, and a golden coaster.

This inexpensive mug set will allow the Libra woman in your life to feel like an extravagant queen with all those golden utensils and accessories.

25. Libra Lamp

Preserve the harmony within your home with this Libra lamp, which has an incredible number of light options. The lamp can be powered through a USB cable or with three double-A batteries.

This lamp can complement the decor of your living room or can even serve as a bedside lamp.

26. Antique Scales of Justice Decor

Antique Scale Decor for Libra

Nothing would prove a Libra woman’s devotion to beauty and elegance better than placing a pair of antique scales of justice decoration within their home.

The antique aesthetic adds to the splendor of your Libra’s furniture and classy objects in their home.

The scales are also sturdy enough and perfectly capable of holding any objects, like jewelry and perfume bottles.

27. Vintage Oval Picture Frame

Because Libras are governed by the planet Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty and love, decorating interiors and appreciating high art comes naturally to them.

If you know a Libra woman who needs to fill that blank space in the wall, then this oval picture frame with a classy black and gold aesthetic is the ideal gift that will find its perfect spot in her home.

28. Greek Goddess Themis, Blind Lady of Justice Statue Decor

This statue of the Greek goddess Themis, who is typically portrayed as a blindfolded woman holding the scales of justice in one hand and a sword in the other, is the ultimate gift for Libra lawyers who also have a passion for classical art.

I believe this statue will resonate clearly with Libras, who tend to have a very strong sense of justice.

29. Libra Wooden Box

Finally, when you’ve noticed that your target Libra recipient is being very un-Libra-like, meaning that their things are scattered all over the place and her home seems very disorderly, then get them this box to organize and put her valuables in.

Elegant Gifts for the Poised Libra Woman

While elegant gifts don’t need to be expensive to look luxurious, I’m sure the typical Libra woman can still appreciate some of the exquisite gifts listed above.

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