23 Best Chicago Bears Gifts to Make for a Great Season

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1919 marks the year when the legendary football team the Chicago Bears (formerly known as the Decatur Staleys) was born. Since then, the team has played more than 100 seasons and won eight different times.

The Chicago Bears are not just an iconic team but is also the pride and joy of the Chicagoans who continues to make history and proves its might on the football field.

Since it’s one of the oldest and most decorated teams in football, it comes as no surprise at all to see their ever-growing fanbase passionately supporting the team. Keep on reading if you’re interested to know the coolest Chicago Bears gifts that any fan will love.

23 Chicago Bears Gifts

1. Chicago Bears Themed Sneakers

Chicago Bears Themed Sneakers

Show their support to the team on game day by wearing Chicago Bears merch from head to toe.

These are handmade sneakers that make them one-of-a-kind. The shoes perfectly demonstrate a mixture of style and performance because of the awesome design and breathable mesh fabric used in making this item.

2. Chicago Bears Jersey

Chicago Bears Jersey

If your recipient doesn’t have any Chicago Bears jersey (which needs to be fixed ASAP), then this jersey will be the best gift because having one in the football world is crucial.

It’s a universal present (regardless of age, gender, etc.) that any Chicago Bears fan will enjoy.

3. Lounge Robe

Lounge Robe

Spend their day-offs relaxing (aka rewatching iconic Chicago Bears football matches) in this comfy lounge robe.

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4. Pullover Hoodie

Pullover Hoodie

When they’re running late for a class and can’t pick an outfit for school, this will be their go-to top. It’s a dependable hoodie that will make them look stylish without exerting too much effort.

5. Jersey Tank Top

Jersey Tank Top

Get this Chicago Bears tank top for a more feminine and chic take on jerseys. Aside from game days, it’s also ideal for everyday use especially for exercising since it’s made with moisture-wicking fabric.

6. Sherpa Hoodie Jacket

Sherpa Hoodie Jacket

This is one of the warmest Chicago Bears gifts on this list. Keep your recipient cozy and chic through this sherpa hoodie. Pairing this jacket with a bottom is easy peasy because it matches perfectly with any outfit.

7. Scarf and Gloves Gift Set

Scarf Gloves Gift Set

This gift set will be perfect when it gets colder in the Windy City. The set comes with a scarf and gloves that shows the team colors of the Chicago Bears. Wearing this will be a nice way to stay warm and showcase their love for the team.

8. Beach Towel

Beach Towel

Bring this towel to the beach, water parks, or road trips to show that they’re a loyal fan of the Chicago Bears through and through. Aside from being a fan symbol, it’s also functional making it an incredible present.

9. Plush Fan Bear

Plush Fan BearFor baby showers where the expectant parents are both avid Chicago Bears fans, this cute fan bear will be a huge hit. It’s a thoughtful and sweet way of welcoming the newest member of the fanbase into the world.

10. Chicago Bears Wallet

Chicago Bears Wallet

All women need a trusty wallet where they can put all their money, cards, and coupons in. This wallet has space for all of those and more since it features two big compartments and eight card slots.

Plus points for being a Chicago Bears merch!

11. Mascot Mat

Mascot Mat

Welcome guests into their space with this roaring Chicago Bears mat. It’s an awesome piece that will look epic in their room, dorm, or man cave.

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12. Toy Blocks Helmet

Toy Blocks Helmet

Does your recipient collect Chicago Bears items and memorabilia? This toy blocks helmet will be a great gift option.

Building this helmet from scratch will also be a cool achievement that they can share with other fans when they visit their collection.

13. True Wireless Earbuds

True Wireless Earbuds

Soar partnered up with NFL to create these awesome true wireless earphones inspired by different football teams. These earbuds feature a Bluetooth 5.0 technology that auto pair with any android or Apple device.

Forgot to charge them before leaving the house? Don’t worry because the case doubles as a portable charging case.

14. Fabric Storage Cube

Fabric Storage Cube

If they have all sorts of Chicago Bears memorabilia all around the house, this storage cube will help in keeping the special items organized and secure. They can also fold it when it’s not being used to save space since this bin is collapsible and foldable.

15. Aluminum Tin Sign

Aluminum Tin Sign

The iconic game in 1957 between the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears is immortalized in this tin sign. It’s a cool decor and a great conversation piece for both old and new fans.

16. 2-Sided Garden Flag

2-Sided Garden Flag

Be proud and loud with these epic garden flags. Anyone passing or coming into their house will instantly know that a Chicago Bears fan owns the place.

Remove the stands and these will become cool indoor decors as well.

17. Jar of Golf Tees

Jar of Golf Tees

With this present, your recipient will have a supply of golf tees for years to come. It will be the perfect present for someone who loves both football and golf.

Brownie points for the Chicago Bears design.

18. BBQ Tongs

BBQ Tongs

Grilling will be a more enjoyable experience when they use this cool BBQ tongs. It features a laser-cut design of the team mascot so it’s an awesome present for a fan. The handles are also durable and made with hard maple that make cooking safer and more efficient.

19. Bamboo Cutting Board

Bamboo Cutting Board

After grilling some mouthwatering BBQs, burgers, and chickens, it’s time to slice them up in this bamboo cutting board.

Even if your recipient is not the best cook out there or even if they don’t cook at all, this will still be an awesome piece for their kitchen.

20. Barbeque Grill Cover

Barbeque Grill Cover

Protect their grill from dust, scratches, or water damage by getting this barbeque grill cover. This is a must-have especially if they only use the grill once in a while.

This cover fits grills of up to 68 inches in size.

21. Game Day Face Temporary Tattoo

Game Day Face Temporary Tattoo

Get their game face on (literally) by wearing this temporary face tattoo. Your recipient will love this present if they always go to extremes just to support the Chicago Bears.

Its water-based application makes it easy to remove after the game so there’s no reason not to flaunt it during a match.

22. Puzzle


For the whole family who gathers, supports, and cheers for the Chicago Bears in their every fight, this puzzle will be a fantastic present. Completing this 500 piece puzzle will also be a nice bonding activity for the family aside from watching the Super Bowl.

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23. The ’85 Bears Blu-ray DVD

The '85 Bears Blu-ray DVD

Learn more about how the legendary Chicago Bears marked, transformed, and dominated the game in 1985 through this iconic film. Directed by the phenomenal Jason Hehir, this film is a must-watch for all Chicago Bears fans.

Bear Down Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears is one remarkable team. For their equally amazing and dedicated fanbase, these Chicago Bears gifts will be an awesome way to treat them.

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I’d like to know what’s the most memorable season for the Chicago Bears in your opinion. Do you think they’ll be this year’s champion? Share your thought in the comments section below. 

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