27 of the Best 9 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Love

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Looking for a 9 year anniversary gift for your loving spouse is difficult since it can’t be anything less than perfect. It’s a moment they’ll cherish and remember, so it puts a lot of pressure on the giver.

However, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. I’ve listed some foolproof gifts that your spouse will undoubtedly love.

These 9 year anniversary gifts will show how happy you are for the past nine years with them and how much you’re looking forward to spending the next nine, 20, and 50 years with them. Dive in and read this post to get the best gift ideas.

5 Traditional 9 Year Anniversary Gifts: Pottery

1. Succulent Planter

Succulent Planter

Here are pretty planters that will brighten up their space. These will be a fantastic new home to their favorite succulents and cactus since it’s the perfect size for these types of plants.

Each planter has a bamboo tray that will keep the area clean.

2. Ceramic Spoon Rest

Ceramic Spoon Rest

Give this beautiful spoon rest to your spouse who loves to cook for you. It will be a great present since it will lessen the mess that they’ll have to clean after cooking.

Plus, the design and print are exquisite!

3. Handwarmer Coffee Mug

Handwarmer Coffee Mug

If you’re looking for something unique and unconventional, then this coffee mug is what you’re looking for.

It will keep their drinks and fingers warm which is a cool feature of this mug. Plus, it’s made by artisans from China using ancient technology making this present more fascinating.

4. Ring Holder

Ring Holder

They’ll be hopping with delight because of the cuteness of these little bunnies.

The four bunny ears will be a great accessory keeper since it fits most rings. Plus, it’s made from high-quality ceramic. Only the best for your loyal spouse!

5. Pottery Forming Machine

Pottery Forming Machine

Impress your SO by creating a beautiful piece yourself using this pottery forming machine.

You’ll be able to create incredible pieces with the help of this gift even if you have no prior experience in pottery since this is user-friendly. The kit already comes with a scraper, sponge, trimmer, cutter, and more.

5 Modern 9 Year Anniversary Gifts: Leather

6. Synthetic Leather Jewelry Box

Synthetic Leather Jewelry Box

All her valuables and precious jewelry will be safe in this elegant jewelry box.

It’s spacious and has a designated space for necklaces, rings, watches, etc. The white leather along with the soft velvet lining makes it feel luxurious and fancy.

7. Valet Box

Valet Box

Even the man in your life needs an organizer where he’ll be able to conveniently keep all his stuff. This valet box will do the job well.

Aside from his watch and loose change, it also has a charging station which will be perfect for your techy husband. It comes in black and gray.

8. Leather Briefcase

Leather Briefcase

This leather briefcase will not only add to the wow factor of their outfits but will also help them exude authority and confidence.

Plus, this bag is made to last. It’s made by Italian artisans who have perfected their craft throughout generations and was made with high-quality materials—all the zippers, lining, buckle, etc.

9. Leather Journal Gift Set

Leather Journal Gift Set

Sometimes all we have to do is let it all out in writing to make ourselves feel better. There’s no shame in keeping a journal even as an adult (it’s actually recommended by science).

Start the habit of journaling through this complete set. They’ll have a journal, pen, and bookmark, with this present.

10. PU Leather Laptop Tote Bag

PU Leather Laptop Tote Bag

You won’t have to choose a gift that’s either functional or chic since this gift has it all.

It has a classy design and is huge enough to fit a laptop. Plus, its versatile design makes it look good with any outfit regardless of whether it’s for an office event or for watching a football game.

9 Thoughtful 9 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

11. Immortal Red Rose in Musical Box

Immortal Red Rose in Musical Box


Surprise your lovely wife with this delightful gift.

She will love these eternal roses since they’re a huge step up from fresh flowers (they can last for up to five years). She’ll always remember you whenever she hears Castle in Sky because of this musical box.

12. Royal Gift Basket

Royal Gift Basket

Treat your queen to a day full of relaxation and serenity by giving her this elegant gift basket.

This gift is fit for royalty. It comes with a coffee mug with a crown lid, notebook, trinket dish, and more. This is all she’ll need for a me-time that she won’t forget.

13. Watch and Necklace Set

Watch and Necklace Set

She’ll be the center of attention and the star of the room whenever she wears this lovely set. This is a beautiful gift that she’ll instantly love the moment she sees it.

Plus,  she’ll be able to wear it Is for any occasion such as your anniversary date night, weddings, and graduations.

14. Flamingo Wearable Blanket

Flamingo Wearable Blanket

Does your ideal date night include popcorn, a movie, and lots of cuddles? Then this wearable blanket will be a hit! It will be hard to go back to shirts and pants once she wears this comfortable blanket.

More pretty pink flamingo gifts can be found in this list.

15. Bottle Insulator Chiller

Bottle Insulator Chiller

Girl night outs will be more epic with this chic bottle insulator. It’s more fun to catch up, share stories, and watch rom-com movies with a bottle of champagne involved.

Brownie points for the pretty color and design.

16. Bath Pillow

Bath Pillow

Let your wife know how much you appreciate her for all of her hard work in maintaining your home and keeping the family in one piece with this bath pillow.

It will help her energize so she can always be a superwoman, super wife, and super mom.

17. Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug

Is your wife the greatest woman and the best blessing you’ve ever received in your life? Give her this beautiful mug.

Thank her for always being there for you and the family and for being such a brave woman through this simple yet thoughtful present. She’ll know that she’s loved and appreciated everytime she drinks her tea or coffee.

18. UGG Slide Slippers

UGG Slide Slippers

These UGG slippers will be your wife’s new favorite footwear because of how comfy and stylish it is. Even if she has to run errands all day, her feet won’t feel pain because of how soft they are.

The backstrap also serves as an extra safety feature along with the rubber sole.

19. Herbal Tea Growing Kit

Herbal Tea Growing Kit

Does your wife love to drink tea? This growing kit will allow her to plant, grow, and harvest tea that she herself labored for.

The tea will be a lot tastier and refreshing knowing that it’s the fruit of her hard work. The seeds that are included in the kit are chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, and peppermint.

8 Useful 9 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

20. Stainless Steel Watch

Stainless Steel WatchYour husband will look extra handsome and dapper because of this stylish steel watch.

It’s a great buy since it features Japanese analog movement and a 304 steel case. The watch is also waterproof so he’ll be able to use it for all of his adventures.

21. Scented Candle Gift Set for Men

Scented Candle Gift Set for Men

Here’s an awesome gift that will be a perfect addition to his mancave: scented candles. I know it’s not the usual thing that you’d get for a man cave but that’s what makes it special.

It features manly packaging with inspirational quotes. Light it up after a long day at work.

22. Brass Sundial Compass

Brass Sundial Compass

Get this brass sundial compass for your husband who gave your life purpose and direction.

Display this beautiful piece in your bedroom or workspace as a reminder of your love for him. Brownie points for the thoughtful engraved message included in the compass.

23. Rolling Toolbox Stool

Rolling Toolbox Stool

Fixing the house will be a lot easier and more convenient thanks to this rolling toolbox.

He’ll be able to take all of his tools and equipment in one go using this gift. It also works as a stool which is a huge plus.

24. Memory Foam Slippers

Memory Foam Slippers

These comfy slippers will be a treat to their tired and weary feet. Wearing these will remove all the exhaustion they’re feeling after a particularly challenging workday.

Choose from the 14 available colors and designs.

25. Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit

Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit

Gardening is a fantastic hobby since it yields numerous benefits. Gardening burns a lot of calories, lowers blood pressure, and strengthens the bones.

Support your husband’s hobby by giving him this bonsai tree starter kit.

26. Personalized Neon Sign

Personalized Neon Sign

Another cool present you can give your husband is a personalized sign for their man cave. It’s a great gift that will add character to their personal space.

Here are more man cave gifts that you need to check out.

27. DIY Kit for Homemade Whisky Flavor

DIY Kit for Homemade Whisky Flavor

He’ll learn how to craft his own homemade whiskey flavor with this starter kit. What’s cool about it is that he’ll be able to adjust the flavors to create the perfect drink for him.

Plus, his guests and colleagues will be impressed knowing he made the delicious drinks himself.

The Best 9 Year Anniversary Gifts for Lasting Memories

I hope that you have a wonderful ninth-year anniversary celebration with your spouse with these gifts will make the occasion much more special. Here’s to more years of happiness, laughter, and joy with the love of your life.

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