22 Cool Dr Pepper Gifts To Quench Their Thirst

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Everybody loves Dr Pepper. Why? Because it has the perfect blend of 23 unique flavors that everyone from all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities just can’t get enough of.

Dr Pepper has been one of the leaders in the soft drinks industry for over a hundred and thirty years. It also expanded around the globe and is now sold all over Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

If you know someone who loves the carbonated drink more than anybody else, then these cool Dr Pepper gifts are right for them. This list has Dr Pepper shirts, decors, and more!

Read on to make their holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries more special with these awesome Dr Pepper gifts.

9 Dr Pepper Gifts

1. Dr Pepper Scented Candle

Dr Pepper Scented Candle

Nothing beats going home and smelling Dr Pepper all over the place. Also, lighting this candle while they soak in the tub will be a great reward after working hard all week.

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2. Dr Pepper Bracelet

Dr Pepper Bracelet
Photo Credit: mixedupdolly

Now, who wouldn’t want to get these super cute Dr Pepper Bracelet?!

Get this handcrafted bracelet to your recipient who’s obsessed with Dr Pepper. It’s a great accessory that will show their love for the drink.

3. Soft Silicone AirPods Case

Soft Silicone AirPods Case

Protect their AirPods while making it 100x more adorable through this case. It provides all-around protection from bumps and scratches since it’s made with premium silicone materials.

This soft silicone case is compatible with AirPods 2/1.

4. Pouch Bag

Pouch Bag

Every great day starts and ends with a Dr Pepper. Let this pouch be a reminder to take their daily dose of Dr Pepper everyday.

Kidding aside, this pouch will be useful to organize things such as makeup, school supplies, and accessories. Brownie points for the pretty design.

5. Dr Pepper Sign

Dr Pepper Sign

What’s great about Dr Pepper is that it’s more than just a drink. It’s also a pop culture icon that’s used as decoration such as this sign.

This vintage Dr Pepper sign will be a perfect addition to your recipient’s home, man cave, or workstation that will instantly brighten up the space.

6. Shirt for Women

Shirt for Women

Let’s make one thing clear: “Never EVER stand between a woman and her Dr Pepper.”

Follow this simple rule to remain on good terms with the biggest Dr Pepper fan in your life. Don’t forget to give them this awesome shirt as well.

7. Distressed Dr Pepper T-Shirt

Distressed Dr Pepper T-Shirt

Dr Pepper has amassed a huge following since it has been around for more than a century. And some of these fans have been drinking Dr Pepper all their lives.

This distressed shirt will be a great representation of their loyalty to the drink. It shows that no matter how old they get, Dr Pepper will always have a special place in their life.

8. Novelty Socks

Novelty Socks

You can never go wrong with novelty socks especially those who have a Dr Pepper reference. They’ll be useful for everyday use and will keep their feet warm and comfy throughout the day.

9. Red Plastic Tumblers

Red Plastic Tumblers

Dr Pepper is meant to be shared. Share the fun of Dr Pepper with friends and family with these plastic tumblers.

Plus, these high-quality tumblers comply with NSF standards and are BPA-free. Each set includes six 24-ounces cups.

5 Dr Pepper Food and Beverages

10. Dr Pepper Baked Beans

Dr Pepper Baked Bean

Your recipient may have tried all the flavors and variants of Dr Pepper, but have they tasted Dr Pepper baked beans?

Let them experience Dr Pepper in a whole new different way through this gift. The pack comes with two 15 oz baked beans that will complete their Dr Pepper-themed meal.

11. Dr. Pepper Cotton Candy

Dr. Pepper Cotton Candy

This Dr Pepper present will be ideal for your recipient who has a sweet tooth.

It will double up the fun with the fluffiness of cotton candy combined with the sweetness of Dr Pepper. It couldn’t get any better than this!

12. Dr. Pepper Jelly Beans

Dr. Pepper Jelly Beans

Don’t forget to add these jelly beans to your Dr Pepper gift basket!

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13. Dr Pepper Cherry

Dr Pepper Cherry

Here’s a foolproof present to the Dr Pepper fan in your life— a monthlong supply of their favorite drink.

The refreshing taste of Dr Pepper Cherry will quench your recipient’s thirst and will satisfy their sweet tooth cravings. Plus, it’s a great mixer for their next party.

14. Diet Dr Pepper Soda

Diet Dr Pepper Soda

Is your recipient on a diet? That’s not a reason not to drink Dr Pepper!

This Diet Dr Pepper has zero calories so your recipient will enjoy the drink guilt-free. Each pack contains 15 cans of Diet Dr Pepper.

5 Dr Pepper Merchandise

15. Dr Pepper Lip Balm

Dr Pepper Lip Balm

Your recipient won’t have to worry about dry lips thanks to this cute lip balm. Aside from effectively moisturizing their lips, it’s also Dr Pepper scented which is a huge plus.

This lip balm is ideal for a combination skin type.

16. Lil’ Sweet Funko Pop!

Lil' Sweet Funko Pop!

Dr Pepper won’t be complete without Lil’ Sweet. Every fan of the drink knows who this magical being is. He’s this creature that gives out Dr Pepper to those who deserve a reward.

Your recipient will have this iconic character from their favorite drink inside their home with this epic Funko Pop!.

17. Baseball Cap

Baseball Cap

Get this cool cap for the biggest Dr Pepper fan in your life. It’s a great gift since it serves two functions: it’s a practical gift that will be useful for outdoor activities and it will proudly show their love for the drink.

18. Dr Pepper Kanji Shirt

Dr Pepper Kanji Shirt

This kawaii shirt will delight your recipient and will be a great present no matter the occasion. Plus, shirts are great presents since they’re practical.

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19. Dr Pepper Hoodie

Dr Pepper Hoodie

Keep them warm and cozy through this red Dr Pepper hoodie. It’s made with high-quality materials so it won’t shrink or fade even after multiple washes.

It also comes in a wide range of sizes: small to 3XL.

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20. Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

An aesthetic tumbler will also be an ideal gift for the soft drink lover in your life. It will keep their drinks cold while they watch a movie or read a book.

This tumbler comes with an eco-friendly straw and cleaning brush. Choose from the eight beautiful designs available.

21. Beverage Refrigerator

Beverage Refrigerator

It’s important to keep their Dr Pepper cans as well as their other beverages cold to fully enjoy the drink. This mini fridge will be the best gift for that since it’s compact and can fit up to 126 cans. That’s a whole lot of Dr Pepper!

22. Drink Sleeves

Drink Sleeves

Thank your hostess for a lovely meal with these cute drink sleeves. These will not only keep the temperature of the drinks but will also protect the furniture from scratches. A win-win gift!

Daily Dose of Dr Pepper Gifts

Dr Pepper has been part of the lives of countless people so it holds a special place in their hearts. Relive the best moments of their lives and create new memories with these Dr Pepper gifts.

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